Campbell River: the salmon capital of the world

Every fall, thousands of salmon return to their natal freshwater streams to spawn in the gravel beds. After spending 1-7 years in the ocean, the adults who have survived predators, fishing, and ocean conditions begin the long journey up the Campbell River.

From July to November every year, you can witness this natural spectacle up close and personal by snorkelling down the Campbell River.

Pink Salmon

July - September | The most abundant of the salmon in BC, and known for the developed hump on the back of males.

Chinook Salmon

October - November | The largest of the salmon in BC, and known for the hooked nose at the top of the mouth.

Coho Salmon

October - November | Metallic blue & green in colour, and when spawning in freshwater develop red colouration on the sides.

Chum Salmon

Late October - November | The last of the salmon to migrate to freshwater to spawn. Males develop enormous canine-like fangs.

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River Run Rental Package


Everything you need for snorkelling with the salmon in the Campbell River.

The 7mm wetsuit will keep you plenty warm enough while also giving you enough buoyancy to easily float on the surface.

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Where To Go

The entry point is at the logging bridge on the Gold River Highway. Click to view entry point in Google Maps

Get in below the bridge and start floating! About halfway down, you will go underneath two bridges. Shortly after, the water will begin to get deeper and slower. Look for a brown lattice fence on the right side of the river. Your exit point is just beyond the fence.

The exit point is at the end of Maple St, where there is a small beach to exit the water. Click to view exit point in Google Maps

Give us a call or stop by the shop if you would like more information.

Contact us to request a guide!

Tips From The Experts

If possible, drop one vehicle off at the exit point and drive to the entrance with another. This way, you won't have to walk back to your vehicle at the entrance point. The distance from the entrance to exit is just over 2km.

When getting in the water, be wary of fisherman. This is a popular fishing location.

Go with a buddy and stick close together while floating down the river.

While floating, lay on your stomach with your legs straight and arms in front of you. If your knees are bent, they may hit the rocks on the bottom.

The salmon are spooked by large, moving objects. Float as still as possible and you will see more salmon!

Look for harbour seals near the exit point where the water gets deeper and slower, they will often swim underneath you to check you out!