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Masks & Snorkels

For diving, snorkelling, freediving, and swimming. We have a broad range of styles and colours to ensure you'll be leak-free, fog-free, and looking good underwater.


For diving, freediving, and snorkelling in cold and warm water.

Boots, Gloves, Hoods

For drysuits and wetsuits, in any thickness you need.

Drysuits & Undergarments

We carry only the best drysuits and undergarments.

Stop by to get measured and explore the customisations for your next drysuit.


Diving, freediving, and triathlon suits for warm and cold water.


We've got backmount and sidemount BCD's available, in any configuration you need.


Whether you need a full regulator setup, or just a hose or a gauge, we've got you covered.

Tanks & Weights

Steel and aluminum tanks in any size and colour.

Lead bricks, weight belts, and ankle weights

Instruments & Accessories

Any diving, freediving, and snorkelling accessories you need, we've got in stock.