Most manufacturers recommend your regulator be serviced annually or every 100 dives, whichever comes first.

You may qualify for free parts if:
- You purchased your regulators from an authorized dealer
- You follow the brand's regulator servicing guidelines
Not sure about your regulator's warranty and servicing guidelines? Check their website or ask us.

A few regulator brands we carry that offer free parts for life programs:
- Apeks
- Aqualung
- Sherwood
- Hollis
- Oceanic

BCD's must be inspected annually.

Air: $10/tank
Nitrox: $15/tank | Up to 40%
Paintball: $6.25/3000PSI tank, $10/4500PSI tank
10 Air Fill Card: $80
10 Nitrox Fill Card: $120 | Up to 40%
Visual Inspection: $20/tank
Hydro Inspection: $45/tank
Regulator Inspection: $50
Full Regulator Service: $120 service fee + parts (which vary in price from regulator to regulator)
BCD Inspection: $50
Leak Test (in-store): $50
Zipper Replacement: $410-$534
Neck Seal Replacement: $172
Wrist Seal Replacement: $144-$170
QuickNeck Installation: $280
Replace/Add Cuff Rings: $320
Repair Holes: $80-$130
Computer Battery Change (excluding Suunto D-Series): $20 | Done in-store
Suunto D Series Battery Change: $115 | Must be sent to Suunto
Suunto Tank Pod/Transmitter Battery Change: $80 | Must be sent to Suunto