Meet the Staff: Stephen Neff


 Stephen Neff wears a red toque and black rain jacket, sitting at the helm of a dive boat, holding onto the ship's wheel, smiling at the camera

Stephen is a native Vancouverite who was fascinated by the underwater world shown in Jacques Cousteau documentaries in his childhood. 

He lived in Switzerland, China and the UK for almost 35 years before moving to the Campbell River area in 2023. Stephen was certified as Rescue Diver in 2007 in Madagascar while supporting the establishment of locally managed marine areas (LMMAs) by carrying out underwater reef surveys. In 2015 he was a student at the Bamfield Marine Science Center taking the Coastal Conservation and Biodiversity course.

He has been a certified Diver Master since 2015 and an Open Water Instructor since 2020 in Switzerland

When not out exploring the underwater world in the Campbell River area, Stephen uses his dive manufacturer certifications to service dive equipment and running the shop. With a strong commitment to sustainable tourism, he has published various articles on the dive industry and its responsibility to sustainability.

Stephen is passionate about introducing diving and promoting the spectacular underwater world here in Campbell River to new and seasoned divers alike.

Instructor Ratings:

SSI Open Water Instructor

PADI Divemaster



Specialty Instructor Ratings:

SPI-SR (Specialty Instructor Stress & Rescue)

SPI-SR (Specialty Instructor Perfect Buoyancy)

SPI-SR (Specialty Instructor Enriched Air Nitrox)

DG (Dive Guide)

TS-P (Try Scuba)

SSU (Scuba Skills Update)


Captain's Licenses

Small Vessel Operator's Proficiency (SVOP)

Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDV-BS, formerly MED A3)

Restricted Operator Certificate Marine Radio (ROC-M)

Marine Basic First Aid certificate