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PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty

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Excellent buoyancy control is what defines skills scuba divers.
Glide effortlessly, use less air, and ascend, descend, or hover almost as if by thought. More easily observe aquatic life without disturbing their surroundings. Take your buoyancy skills to the next level.


Once you sign up for the course, your instructor will be in touch!

Knowledge Development: all theory may be completed at home through PADI eLearning or in the shop with your instructor.

Ocean Dives: Over 2 ocean dives, you’ll work on moving more efficiently through the water. You’ll also learn how to:

- Determine the exact weight you need, so you’re not too light or too heavy
- Trim your weight system and scuba gear so you’re perfectly balanced in the water
- Streamline to save energy, use air more efficiently
- Hover effortlessly in any position


Minimum Age: 10 years old

Certification: minimum Open Water (or Jr. Open Water) certification or equivalent

Medical: each student must complete a PADI medical form specifically for scuba diving. Click to view the PADI Medical Questionnaire 


All students must provide their own gear. If you need to rent, check out our rental prices and you will be charged upon pickup. All rental gear is 25% off when taking a course with us!

During your PPB course, you will use basic scuba gear (BCD, regulator, tanks, weights, drysuit or wetsuit). You will learn how to fine-tune your weight system to perfect your buoyancy.

We recommend investing in the following gear during or after your course: Mask, snorkel, fins, boots, gloves, hood, and dive computer. These items have a specific fit to each diver, and having your own will make your experience more enjoyable and familiar.

We offer 15% off any gear purchases before or during your course.