Apeks VX1 Mask: ScubaLab Testers Choice

The Apeks VX1 Mask has recently been voted the best single lens mask of 2020 by Scuba Diving magazine and their team of testers. We're here to tell you why.


Comfort topped the list of the many things test divers liked about the VX1. The velvety-soft skirt creates a leak-free seal that keeps it dry in all positions on a wide variety of face shapes. Their advanced skirt technology is designed to minimise facial pressure points during long dives. 

Do you have trouble finding a mask that fits you properly? Give this one a shot. 


The frameless, low volume, single lens construction offers a wide field of view. The Apeks Pure Clear tempered glass lenses provide maximum optical clarity. 


The low-volume design makes it easy to equalise and clear, and the field of view is wide open.
The strap buckles are also a noteworthy feature of this mask. Quick Release Buckles with stainless-steel rollers allow easy adjustment for the best fit, even while wearing dry gloves. We love a company that thinks of us cold water divers!


Nobody can deny that a big part of diving is looking good underwater. The frame of this mask is flattering on a wide range of face shapes, and the colour options allow you to really personalise your style. 


You can choose between clear and UV coated, the latter of which blocks certain light wavelengths that can be hard on the eyes. If you like purple, this lens is for you. 



Apeks is one dive gear company that strives to reduce their environmental footprint. While most companies send items in plastic packaging, Apeks has eliminated single-use plastic packaging. This means no more plastic mask boxes, and cardboard packaging! 

The mask box is a sturdy case that takes up less space and is much more protective than the traditional plastic boxes that break easily. There is also a clip on the outside to allow you to simply clip the case to the outside of your bag. 


Inside the box, you'll find your mask and an additional neoprene strap. If you don't like the feel of silicone mask straps on your hair, you can switch from the silicone strap to the neoprene strap for easy donning and doffing.


We are a huge fan of the Apeks VX1, and the high quality and comfort are a few of the many reasons many of our staff use this mask. 

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