2020 Pumpkin Carving Contest

This Halloween, we teamed up with Pacific Pro Dive to celebrate underwater with a pumpkin carving contest. 

19 divers gathered at Argonaut Wharf in Campbell River and showed off their best carving abilities. While most showed up in their best diving attire, some really got into the festivities and came in costumes.

The rules were as follows:

  • Every diver gets a pumpkin
  • You must come back with the lid

There were prizes for:

  • 3 best costumes
  • 3 best pumpkin carvings

The most difficult part is getting the pumpkin underwater, as they prove to be extremely buoyant and will stay on the surface until you cut the first hole and get the air out. Once the pumpkin is filled with water, it's smooth sailing.

This great group of divers did an astounding job carving the pumpkins, and were rewarded with a BBQ, hot beverages, and prizes.

Eiko Jones won Best Pumpkin Carving with his carving of himself diving in the pillars at Argonaut Wharf, taking a photo of a rockfish. 

Del Anthony Heal won Best Costume with his rendition of a scuba diving baby.

Pumpkins were donated by Sieffert's Farm Market, and we raised $300 for charity.

Join us next year for our pumpkin carving contest, and spend the day celebrating underwater with the local diving community!